sales transformation


We design / redesign your sales processes and train your salespeople for maximum sales productivity. We help you perfectly match your sales processes with your products, market potential, business goals and available resources. We help in solving sales related problems and challenges faced by business owners, corporate leaders, managers and sales teams.

What is Sales Transformation?

It's a process of designing the most appropriate ‘structured selling processes’ for business organisations. It is a multi-stage process, that involves thorough analysis, redesigning processes, and training salespeople.

The redesigned process consists of step-by-step guide, tools & techniques for most effective planning, selling and performance monitoring. This, if coupled with proper ‘employee career growth plan’ and ‘reward & recognition policy’ brings about multifold growth in the productivity and profitability of your business.

Stages Of Sales Transformation

I. Sales Gap Analysis (SGA)

"Selling it wrong - costs you a fortune!" This is the first stage in which we conduct in depth analysis of your entire sales system. We use our expertise in the field of consumer behavior and other behavioral science disciplines to identify the loopholes and drawbacks in the sales process and KASH of the salespeople involved.

II. Reporting & Exploration

Based on the findings of the SGA we prepare a brief report. This report highlights all the important issues and relevant suggestions. It is presented to the business owners and/or leaders. The clients get to understand and explore the report and our proposal in detail.

III. Contracting

This is a stage where we enter into a formal / informal contract with the client for us to conduct further stages of 'Sales Transformation Process'.

IV. Sales Process Designing

This covers designing a whole new structured sales process or redesigning the existing one using the inputs from SGA Report as discussed above. We conduct thorough analysis of products, services, people, market, competition etc., to achieve maximum leverage for your business. This change starts boosting your sales revenues and reducing costs & overheads.

V. Sales Process Training

Training of sales-team on new process, tools and techniques. It includes trainings on all minute details starting from lead generation to closing and after sales activities. This helps them in creating a lasting first impression on the prospective customer and close the deal in minimum time and with minimum effort.

VI. Evaluation

At this stage we try to objectively analyse the effectiveness of the sales process and sales team members. This is exercise is done jointly with the client. Depending on the findings of this exercise, we propose the corrective actions needed if any. This is a stage where the contract ends.

Need For Sales Training

Professional sales training has been one of the most neglected areas in spite of the fact that there are millions of salespeople engaged in the selling activity throughout the country. Sales being a highly dynamic and challenging task, most business owners find it very difficult to get highly skilled salespeople. There is hardly any activity seen in the area of sales training apart from ‘product training’. Most salespeople do just ‘Telling’ instead of ‘Selling’! This is because more than 95% salespeople never undergo any specialized training in selling skills.

We aim to fill this huge skill-gap by providing world-class knowledge of sales in highly engaging, simple and practical manner. Over last several years, we have ‘indianized’ some of the world’s best selling techniques that are being successfully used by thousands of our customers till date. We also have developed some unique sales strategies based on ‘human psychological process of buying’ that helps the user to achieve surprisingly great results in very short span of time.

Common Problems In Sales:

  • Most salespeople do not possess any focused education as such in ‘sales’.
  • Most salespeople and business owners confuse between sales and marketing. There are some basic differences between the two.
  • Most salespeople do not use any uniform method or structured process for selling. As a result closing the sale is always a matter of chance to them.
  • Most business owners and entrepreneurs themselves have no knowledge about sales techniques as a result of which they have no control over the sales activity and output.
  • Many business owners and entrepreneurs waste a lot of money, time, effort and energy on getting the salespeople trained in just ‘telling’ or ‘pursuing’ the customers. This produces just moderate results for them.
  • Retention rate of salespeople is very low. Either the employer or the salesperson himself gets frustrated with his consistent poor performance.

List Of Sales Training Programs

We help entrepreneurs and salespeople learn the most effective sales techniques in the manner they understand best. We have a wide variety of sales training programs depending on the participant’s needs and current level of knowledge and skills. Some of our most popular sales training programs are listed below.

  • Stop Telling And Start Selling
  • Stop Selling and Make More Money
  • Fundamental Secrets Of Selling
  • Telephonic Appointment Skills
  • The Art Of Questioning
  • The Art Of Managing Sales Performance
  • Goal Setting To Goal Getting
  • Countdown For Success
  • Power Of Presentation
  • DNA of Sales Superstar
  • ABC – Always Be Closing
  • Win-Win Closing
  • SPIN It To Win It!
  • Your Price Is Right!
  • The Art Of Getting Referrals
  • Consultative Selling Skills

So, contact us or send your message. We will be happy to help you maximize your sales performance.