sales transformation


You need high level of confidence to achieve anything you want in LIC business. But, this confidence comes only from 'right training' and right 'practice'. We help LIC agents learn, develop and internalise best selling techniques. These techniques have been tried and tested by thousands of successful insurance/LIC agents. We have already helped a good number of LIC agents to achieve MDRT and COT.

List Of LIC Training Programs

Right from prospecting / list building to closing the sale we have perfect training solution for every need of an LIC agent. Choose from our most popular LIC training programs listed below:

  • Stop Telling And Start Selling
  • Stop Selling and Make More Money
  • Fundamental Secrets Of Selling
  • Telephonic Appointment Skills
  • The Art Of Questioning
  • The Art Of Managing Sales Performance
  • Goal Setting To Goal Getting
  • Power Of Presentation
  • DNA of Sales Superstar
  • Win-Win Closing
  • SPIN It To Win It!
  • Your Price Is Right!
  • The Art Of Getting Referrals
  • Countdown For Success

So, contact us or send your message. We will be happy to help you maximize your sales performance.