Frequently Asked Questions

We help entrepreneurs and organisations to tranform their Business Strategy, Leadership, Organisational Processes and People so as to build a self-sustaining business organisation.

OD is acronym for 'Organisational Development' and 360 means all round or from all directions. Thus OD360 means an integrated and holistic approach to achieve all round organisational development. We believe that, no organisation can achieve sustainable growth and continued success unless they create a strong foundation. A strong foundation means the one that is resilient and adaptive to the ongoing changes and disruptions. And it can be created only when you work on all essential aspects of an organisation in a 'holistic' manner.

OD360 is ideal for any Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who want to accelerate its business growth. It is ideal for those promoters and entrepreneurs who want to build a self sustaining organisation that is capable to grow on its own. It is for those business leaders who want to create great brand that lives even after they leave this world. OD360 is ideal for those who want to achieve their true potential and create a grand success story. Click here to know who should join OD360.

Every entrepreneur need to go for organisation development initiatives, especially when he faces one or more of these situations (click here).

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Yes! Not only this program helps you grow your business but it also helps you sustain the growth in future. This is because, it helps you build sustainable systems and processes that are governed by solid organisational philosophy and are independent of market conditions.

Historically most of the entrepreneur led or family run businesses are highly people centric. It means, they can run effectively only as long as the promoters play active role in the business. But such organisations begin to fall as soon as the entrepreneur stops working in the organisation. They cannot sustain or grow beyond a certain point and most of them are closed down sooner or later. Even if an important managerial staff leaves the organisation, it begins to collapse. Such organisations are highly people-driven which is dangerous for the business in the long run.

Self-sustainable organisation is the one that can survive, sustain, and grow even in the absence of the entrepreneurs. A self-sustainable business is not people-driven but it's driven by sound processes, systems and culture. It's a business run by a solid business philosophy and continuously deliver value without depending upon a person, group, market trends, products or opportunities.

The secret to building a self-sustaining business lies in effective management of SLOPE (Strategy, Leadership, Organization, People and External Factors). This means in order to enjoy continued growth and expansion of business you need to create a sound business strategy, establish an inspiring business philosophy that forms the basis of better leadership. You need to create better organization that is in sync with your strategy and philosophy. And you also need to create & implement appropriate people empowerment system to boost people performance. But what about external factors like shrinking profit margins, competition, market volatility or demand-supply fluctuation? Can you avoid them? Well not really! But, if you take care of the first four factors, the effect of the fifth one can be minimised or controlled to a great extent.

We help you in transforming the four essential factors i.e. SLOP and managing the external factors thereby building a self-sustaining business organisation.

As you know Rome was not built in a day. Great things take time to manifest. Building a self-sustaining organisation needs working on each element of the business with utmost care. The status quo is broken, the beliefs are challenged and the habits are changed. People need time to learn, understand and internalise things. Implementation of some of the strategies and tools is dependent on the people who use them. Therefore, depending on the nature, size and complexity of the business and willingness of the people involved, the entire process may take one to two years to complete. But the results are absolutely amazing and worth all the time and effort.

We will be working with promoters to build and refine organisational philosophy and detailed business strategy. We work with the 'core team' consisting of key people from different functions of client organisation to set and achieve goals in sync with organisation's philosophy & strategy. We also educate and motivate workers from time to time. We, collaborate with core team and promoters to empower them to actively support the transformation.

Sadly, even most experienced and qualified faculties fail to deliver satisfying results with the traditional training and development approach. Our 11 years of research and experience in the field revealed that there are five major reasons behind this phenomenon. Traditional training lacks integration- it tries to address problems in isolation. it lacks continuity- Each program leaves one question behind: what's next? It lacks accountability. Once the program is over the participants are answerable to none for execution of ideas learned or skill gained. Most programs lack continued support. There is no one to answer the doubts or questions regarding actual implementation. Also, most interventions lack focus on execution. They deliver poor results and therefore poor R.O.I.

OD360 is entirely different, because it has not only removed all these drawbacks of traditional training but also infused many additional features to make it highly result oriented.

Our uniqueness lies in 1. our approach and 2. our methodology. Unlike popular methods, do not work on one element in isolation. As discussed earlier, our approach is 'holistic' and we work on each and every element of business (SLOPE) simultaneously. Moreover, we do not offer readymade solutions but collaborate with our participants to find out what is best for them. We gradually enable client organisation to identify and solve its own problems thus making them independent.

Secondly, our entire program is based on a highly effective and proven development process called 5 Star Improvement. This process is based on 11 years of research. It is tried, tested and perfected to deliver positive results every time we use it. Apart from this, OD360 has many features that makes it truly unique program. Click here to know more..

There are some 'predictable essentials' for everything to happen. The result is the function of quality, quantity and rightness of the actions in the right environment. We work with people at all levels: promoters, core team and the staff. The strategy is broken down to small actionable goals and the individual goals are aligned with the organisational goals. Our proprietary processes and tools such as 4 Stroke Enablement and Productivity Booster Tool help individuals at all levels to achieve their peak performance. The success and breakthroughs are celebrated and mistakes are corrected. In addition to this, continued monitoring, guidance, motivation and support guarantees the results. The percentage of success may slightly vary but the strong will of promoters and sincere participation in the OD360 program is itself a guarantee of success!

Our faculty has a great deal of experience working with the organisations from different industries with different scales. It is not practically possible to have hands on technical expertise in all the fields or industries. However, the essentials of building a self-sustaining organisation are fairly same for all types industries. Moreover, our unique methodology and proprietary tools and techniques are universal in nature and they can be applied to any organisation irrespective of its industry. It is upto you to take its advantage or ignore this brilliant idea.

Oh that's really great! However, it's not about 'knowing" but it's all about 'doing'. As they say, there is no deficiency of knowledge, there is deficiency of execution. There are several reasons why in spite of all the knowledge, ideas and experience you or your managers might have, you still need our expertise of getting things done right and faster. To know more reasons why you need us click here.

You can achieve outstanding growth and success only when your knowledge is transformed into working skills, your ideas are translated into concrete plans and your excitement is turned into focused actions. And that's exactly for which you need our help!

Every client we work with achieve some of their goals but not all of them achieve all the goals. There are variety of goals we work on; some goals are achieved early while some others take time to manifest. We have cases wherein our clients have achieved from 2.5 to 23 times in revenues after our interventions. There is not a single client who have not achieved at least some of his goals.

Actually it is much more than that! Not only OD360 is a perfect combination of training, coaching and consulting but it goes far beyond it. On one hand, we teach management principals and strategies to the entrepreneur. On the other hand, we empower and enable the core team members and staff to implement those lessons in their unique situation. We act as a true companion and not just a trainer or a consultant.

It is always good to learn new things and keep yourself motivated. However, building a self-sustaining organisation requires a serious, integrated and long term efforts. Short term courses and seminars are quick fix solutions that have limited impact. Unlike OD360, they often treat just the symptoms and not the root causes of the problem. Building a great business is a serious and long term task and short term solutions are just not enough!

Our faculty Mr. Ashish Mudra has a great combination of natural talent, acedemic qualifications as well as work experience. Kindly click here to know more..