Yes, you heard it right! The ability to sell in a professional manner in just like owning a goldmine. If you can sell well in a professional manner, then it means you have got the real treasure. Selling skill is one of the all time top rated skills in the world because it's the only activity that directly brings money in. And if you know to do it the right way then you have literally got a lottery. But, you can do it right only if you do it in a well defined or structured manner. We call it 'structured selling'.

sales transformation

The top 10 benefits of 'structured selling' are as follows:

1. Best leverage of the product features and its user benefits:

Some people are compelled to shortsell their high quality products. This happens due to their inability to present the features and benefits of the products effectively to the customer. Structured selling techniques such as 'sandwitch' presentation comes handy in getting the best leverage of each product feature.

2. Getting the best price for products sold:

Structured selling enables you to emphasize the usefulness of your product in an utmost friendly way to the customers. You get the best price because the customer perceives that the benefits are more than the cost.

3. Increased Productivity of Salespeople:

Right selling processes saves you valuable time and maximize your closing ratio. So, salespeople can sell more in less time and with less efforts.

4. Increased Sales Revenues:

Increased productivity obviously leads to higher sales and increased revenues.

5. Decreased Overheads:

Right selling techniques saves us precious time spent in travel and follow-ups. Proper geographical planning reduces conveyance costs. Since the deals are closed in lesser times and lesser visits, there is huge saving on time and other resources required for follow-up.

6. High self confidence and morale of the salespeople:

Increased productivity leads to higher sense of achievement and uplifted morale among salespeople.

7. Better retention of salespeople:

When people start earning incentives and rewards the retention rate automatically goes up. Moreover, right selling processes encompasses creating conducive environment for growth of the salespeople. When people see better future and security in an organization they seldom leave it even for hefty salary hikes.

8. Best utilization of time, talent and energy:

With the use of structured selling, salespeople start qualifying the leads very early. This helps them in deciding which customers to be given what amount of attention and time. They become able to invest their time and energy in most efficient manner.

9. Enhanced Brand Value And Brand Perception:

Well trained salespeople leave their positive impression forever. When people compare the behavior of a well trained salesperson to the poorly trained ones, they start perceiving the former's brand more valuable and trustworthy.

10. Shorter Induction Time and Easy Training of newly joined salespersons:

Since there is everything properly documented, structured selling processes a great amount of resources involved in induction of newly joined salespeople. Moreover it takes less time to train them to the optimum level of selling proficiency.

So, if structured selling can endow you with so many benefits then why wait further? Go grab a competent consultant who can help you sell it right and own a goldmine. Or feel free to contact us for world-class sales transformation services. All the best and keep selling it right!