What exactly can a business coach do for you? Before I answer that question, I would like to ask you, “what does a turbocharger do to a car engine?” Recently, Maruti Suzuki has launched its new model called BLAENO-RS or Baleno Road-Sport. It has nothing significantly new except that it comes with a turbocharger. When I dig in for what’s this device is all about, I came to know its amazing functions. The more I started reading about it, the more I understood the reason why the indian automobile giant launched this new car model.

business coach-turbocharger

Suddenly it struck my mind that a business coach is just like a turbocharger for a business. What a turbocharger does for a car engine is exactly what a business coach does for the coachee entrepreneur. I started thinking, “As a business coach what exactly do I do? I empower and enable my client to deliver his/her peak performance.” A turbocharger uses hot exhaust gases (wasted energy), compresses it and supplies it back to the engine to boost its performance and efficiency. Just like this device, I help the coachee to use his/her full potential and deliver best possible results. Just like the turbocharger, the business coach provides extra power and pick up to accelerate the business growth engine at higher speeds.


A well designed turbocharger helps the engine use its unrealized capability to produce more power that too by using the waste exhaust air. Similarly a good business coach identifies the coachee’s energies that are being wasted in less worth tasks and help him channelize them for the tasks that are most critical to his success. A good business coach provides that most needed push to the coachee when it’s really needed. He uses all knowledge, wisdom and skills to facilitate the coachee to take most important decisions. He inspires the coachee to take right actions. He guides the coachee to stay on track by using proven systems, processes and tools. The coach does not only ask questions but helps the coachee to find out answers and apply them in a systematic manner.

Lets understand with a simple analogy. A business is a car that is powered by the engine called entrepreneur or business owner. An entrepreneur tries to deliver his best to speed up his business. But a lot of his potential gets wasted in terms of poor time management, lack of decision making, poorly designed strategy (sometimes there is no strategy at all), and most importantly lack of answerability. As a result in spite of having all the potential the entrepreneur is unable to scale up the business beyond certain limit. He fails to cope up with the fast changing demands of the business. Sometimes he fails to sustain the pressure and succumbs to the rising competition. Most of the entrepreneurs, especially those running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face such kind of challenges.

But when a turbocharger called business coach is attached to the engine (i.e. the entrepreneur) the car (business) gets a power boost and starts accelerating with higher speed and better efficiency.

So are you ready to turbocharge your business? If yes, then go find a professional business coach. Or contact us for 'Free Consultation'.