Professional sales training has been one of the most neglected areas in spite of the fact that there are millions of salespersons engaged in the selling activity throughout the country. Sales being a highly dynamic and challenging task, most business owners find it very difficult to get highly skilled salespersons.

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There is hardly any activity seen in the area of sales training apart from product training. Most salespersons do just Telling instead of Selling This is because more than 95% salespersons never undergo any specialized training in selling skills. When we dig deeper we get to find out that there are several reasons that leads to ineffective selling, low productivity and slow moving sales activities.

Following are the top 10 reasons that lead to poor sales performance:

1. Obsession with product or service:

Some business owners and salespersons are so obsessed with their product that they fail to identify the importance of other many important parameters that govern the customers' buying decision.

2. Use of wrong inappropriate sales processes:

Asking questions in wrong sequence, missing out on asking for permissions, not getting customer’s approval to proceed and being irritatingly persuasive are some of the examples of this kind.

3. Ignorance about the existence of professional selling practices:

Since professional education in sales and marketing field is scarcely available, most of the salespersons and business owners are ignorant about professional selling practices.

4. Non availability of 'Qualified and Certified' Salespersons:

There exists not much exposure to selling skills in academic education in India. Moreover, in most parts of the country there are hardly any prominent institutions that provide certification in selling skills. This is why qualified or certified salespersons are hard to find.

5. Compromised Goals and Easy Sales Target:

Since most organizations do not have enough data that advocates possibility of higher performance, most organizations unknowingly compromising on their sales targets. In the absence of structure and professional training, even softer targets are being accepted as challenging ones. This leads to huge loss of time, talent and energy of salespersons.

6. Incorrect judgment of the potential of the salespersons:

Since organizations historically have lower benchmarks, most of the managers and salespersons do not even try to cross the line. Managers refer to the past experiences to set targets for the future without exploring the ways and means to achieve the so called unachievable targets.

7. Self-fulfilling prophecy:

Some managers and business owners get so much affected by the negative influences that they unknowingly convince themselves that they should not go for higher goals. They should be satisfied with what they are getting. And they become what they keep thinking all the time.

8. Intangible nature of cost of underperformance:

Losses incurred due to 'Under Performance' are Invisible or Intangible. they cannot be correctly measured or even clearly noticed. Suppose a sales team has most members who sell 5-6 units per week. if one of the members sell 10 units in a week, 10 units becomes the highest benchmark. But, nobody ever thinks if all the other salespersons are professionally trained, everybody can achieve 10 units per week or even more. Then obviously 10 units would never be the benchmark to achieve.

9. Poor Sales Leadership:

We have seen many organizations where incompetent people are leading highly competent sales teams. These people often tend to diminish the performance of their juniors so as to take credits to their own name. Such underdogs are incapable of being leaders yet they are not ready to accept the truth. This undermines the confidence of the sales teams thereby resulting into reduced sales performance.

10. Non-conducive environment:

Non co-operative nature of support staff, boss and peers also leads to demotivated and lethargic sales teams. Absence of proper reward and recognition systems also causes lack of enthusiasm and initiative that are much needed in the highly competitive sales field.

So, if you want to create a high performance sales team you need to address the issues discussed as above. You may be able to address some issues yourself, however you should not hesitate to take help of experts when needed. Always remember:

"The investment in education is always very small as compared to the intangible cost of under performance being paid!"